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  1. Brian says:

    I just found your podcast and I really enjoy it.
    I have a story for you to cover. The Axe Murder Incident and Operation Paul Bunyan:
    And a film recommendation. I think you will really like this movie:

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks for listening, Brian. I will look into Axe Murder Incident. Story idea’s are always appreciated!

      • Brian says:

        Check out the film too, I know you are a fan of offbeat films like Ed Wood’s works and the Hands of Manos, this is a 1916 film from movie star Douglas Fairbanks.

        It is the story of Scientific Detective Cokeannyday who solves crimes while consuming vast quantities of cocaine. He fights his enemies by getting them so high on coke that they are too busy hopping around to fight him. It makes you wonder how a film like this gets made. I laughed for the 20 min of the film.

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