State Farm Insurance Ad

One thing you might want to know about Jeff is her hates Television commercials. And don’t ask me why I’m speaking in the third person,  Jeff just like’s writing like this! Not only do I hate commercials, but I love talking about why I hate commercials. Most ads treat the general public as total morons, (Which Maybe most probably are), but I find it insulting.

Jeff Hates this commercial! He finds nothing funny about it. If you’ve seen it before, don’t watch it, just read my comments afterwords. If you have not seen it, watch it and try not to be sick!

Who wrote this, do you think? By guess is a man who just got out of a bad relationship with a women who controlled his life.

The ad starts right after a fender bender, one in which the man seems to be at fault. She is acting like a bitch. From the moment the ad starts, I want to turn down the volume. OK, she pissed and she is letting him know. Fine. What does he do? He gets the insurance lady there. Great! What does she do? Changes him into a “better:” looking guy. So he retaliates back by changing her into a hot woman. It seems far. If she changes him, why can’t she change him! Nope!

Of course, again he is in the wrong. She can change him but he can not change her. WOW, call Sigmund Freud! I’d say the writer has a few issues with women. After writing this, he probably went out a burned all the nice clothes, sweaters and ties, his last girlfriend made his buy and now is on a quest to find another dogs playing poker poster that she made his throw out.

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