Battleship The Movie

Caught this flick on cable the other night. Battleship The Movie is the worse movie I have ever seen. Horrible! I hope Liam Neeson made a ton of money because he sold his soul on that one.

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A TV ad I like

For those of you how watch my show, Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff, you may know that I have a problem with 95% of the commercials on television. I think they are insulting to my intelligence. Let me clarify that I don’t consider myself a particularly intelligent guy (as many of you might have noticed with my punctuation and spelling), so if I’m insulted, most of you should be outraged.

Anyway, I just want to point out that there are the occasional TV ad that I find amusing, like the GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial. Don’t really know if it would get me to buy Geico insurance, but it makes me laugh.

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Baked Cheetos are Awful

Late in the day at work, I often make my way to the vending machines in the company cafeteria. Lately I’ve got in the habit of purchasing a back of Crunchy Cheetos. Not everyday, but at least 2 or 3 times a week I head down and grab a bag.

Last week I entered the cafeteria and already was already puling out a dollar from my wallet when I was filled will horror. My Crunchy Cheetos have been replaced with Baked Crunchy Cheetos. In fact, as I looked at the other chips in the machine, all were backed. I walked away with no purchase.

Yesterday I really had a taste for Crunchy Cheetos so I did what I had said I would never do. I purchased a bag of these Cheetos. All my worse fears were realized. They were awful.

So disgusting were these that I didn’t even finished the bag. Yuck! Who had the bright idea is it to convert junk food into something healthy. We call is just food for a reason! We want junk food… or at least I do.

I really hope the damn vending machine man goes broke.

I have noticed that, besides the one bag I bought, they don’t seem to be selling.

I repeat, I really hope the damn vending machine man goes broke. He gets no more of my money!

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The Passions – Lively one

Here is a 1960’s garage rocker. It’s the Passions  from Texas.  It’s a great tune. The information I can find on this band is from the Garage Hangover website.

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Volcanos – Oh Oh Mojo

From last weeks show. Could not find any information about his except that the band name was The Volcanoes, the song was Oh Oh Mojo on Tailspinn Records and it rocks

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Fabulous Four – Rotten Rats

From last weeks hilarious show, this song was featured in the intermission. It is from a band from Stockholm, Sweden called the Fabulous Four. The song was released in 1966 and called Rotten Rats. Great 60’s garage fuzz tune.

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The Bostweeds – Little Bad News

Featured in last weeks Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff, a garage band called The Bostweeds from San Fernando Valley, California. This single, which a Rockin’ good tune, is from 1965.

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What My Baby Wants by The Mor-Loks

Featured on the last episode of Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff is a 60 Garage Rock song called What My Baby Wants by The Mor-Loks. The Mor-Loks is a Ft Lauderdale, FL and this song is a great tune from 1966 on Decca Records. The line up for this recording was Ron Armstrong bass,  Mike Wall on drums, Bill “Nappy” Lynn on lead vocals, Billy Burke keyboards, and Craig Held on lead guitar.

The site, Garagehangover has a short interview with bass player Ron Armstrong.

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Coffee T Shirt

Yes folks, Sunday Morning T-Shirts are still available. Get your while supplies last. Actually, supplies will not run out, as they are produced on demand.

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Do You Want to Keep an Angel from it Wings

I have no proof of this, but I heard it said that every time a Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff episode is watched, an angel gets its wings. I don’t know if this is true. So while we are on a two month vacation from the show, feel free to watch and older show. You might laugh, or tap you feel to the music and you just help out a grounded angel.

And for a little bonus, here is a little blast from the past

Teenage Frankenstein – Blood of Dracula Radio Spot

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