A little Orson Welles Talk

For about 5 minutes, I walk about Orson Welles.

Visit my Old Man Kelley Film History YouTube Channel. Thanks!

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The History of Film 01 – G. A. Smith

In 1903 that G. A. Smith did something that would change filmmaking forever! In his film called Sick Kitten, he did something unexpected. Smith wanted to the audience to see the cat eating its medicine, so he did something that most filmmakers at the time thought would confuse an audience, he cut to a different shot, a close up. This was different to what he had done in the past. There was no telescope point of view, just a cut to a close up to show more detail of the same action. This is a huge change to the way films were being done. It was slowly being realized that films were not theater, and viewpoints in film could vary to give a clearer image or message to the audience. In this situation, Smith wanted to show a more detailed shot of the cat getting its medicine, but soon filmmakers would realize they can vary shots and angles for all different reason.

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A Word from Jeff

The year is coming to an end and we at Coffee With Jeff thank all those that support the show. Your emails and messages on Facebook and Twitter are always a great thrill to read. And we actually sold a mug this year! Wow!

This is just a reminder that all the video work and podcasts are available for your viewing by clicking on the tabs on the right of this page.

Yesterday I published the last podcast episode for the year. I will be back in January with all new shows. I was really happy with my last show of the year in which I did three separate stories of the different toys from my childhood, Silly Putty, The Magic 8-Ball, and the Slinky. All three, I thought, have interesting stories. The thing is, I could really see the show going more of that direction in the future, a few short stories, rather than a long one.

And I am hoping to do better in 2017 with our video work. I love working with video and really hope to improve the entertainment value in these videos. For all of you have not been to my YouTube Channel, please do so. I would be forever grateful.

Thanks again for a fantastic year, and I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday

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Marcia West: What are manners? Little rules for little people!

  • From the Film: It’s Love I’m After from 1937.
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Lillian Darlene Calkins – Women’s Airforce Service Pilot

A listener to the Coffee With Jeff podcast named Tina sent me these photos. The were of her mother, Lillian, who was one of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilot during World War two.  We did a story on the WASP’s and you can listen to it by clocking here. CWJ Show 52. I hope it did justice to those brave women who had to fight their own government to help in the war effort. Thanks Tina, your Mom was truly a beautiful woman!

Lillian Darlene Calkins

Lillian Darlene Calkins Lillian Darlene Calkins Lillian Darlene Calkins Lillian Darlene CalkinsTina's Dad

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What You Are Missing!

Hello there. If you’ve some to this site and have not check out the podcast or video tabes to the right, you are missing my video show called “Coffee and Beer” as well as my weekly vlog.  You can find them with a quick click on the video button. If you like to listen, My podcast this week tells the “true” story an Annabelle the possessed doll. I hope you give it a listen.

Hey, thanks for checking out the site!

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The Maron Series Finally

I have really enjoyed all four season of Marc Maron’s Show on IFC. Too bad it had to come to an end. I had no idea that this was the last season. In fact, I kept wondering how they were going to get Marc back to him garage so they show could get back to what it was in the first three seasons.

I have to admit, when I saw the ads for the last two shows, I thought I wasn’t really going to like it but I was wrong. It was really well done and I thought it wrapped up really nice. I thought Ron Perlman did a wonderful job.

If you haven’t watch Maron on IFC, Mac begins by playing a version of himself, a man who has overcome drugs abuse, is doing a podcast from his garage and dealing with life. By the end of season three he is addicted to pain medication. Season four; the final season is all about his recovery and trying to make sense out of his life.

It might sound like a downer but it is all done with Marc Maron comedy.

While I’d love the show to return to the type of show it was in season one, if it had to come to an end, it did it in a satisfying way,

I think the first three seasons are in Netflix and the current season in on On-Demand.

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The Beethoven Films – All of them!

Beethoven Movies


Flipping around the cable directory today, I noticed that some channel is showing all six Beethoven films. Really there are six of these? Is this, like, the end of times? The first two have Charles Grodin starring, but on the third one, it would appear that Judge Reinhold took over. What does it say for your career, Judge, which you had to take over for Grodin on the third film in a series?

By the fifth film it would appear they couldn’t get Reinhold, so someone named Daveigh Chose took over. I have no idea who this is.

And then in the sixth film it is Jonathan Silverman! How is that career going, Jonathan? Still hoping for a third Weekend at Bernie’s film? I just checked him in IMDB and he just completed a film called “Robo-Dog Unleashed”.

Anyway, back to Beethoven, why are there sixe of these. I just check the Beethoven film franchise on Wiki, and apparently there are 2 more of these things? Who keeps making these, and why do they keep making these. Does anyone watch these? Is it just me or is this proof we are living in a Matrix type world, because this can’t real.

God help us all!

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Coffee, Bacon and Craft Beer

I’ve noticed a trend in social media. When a person wants to write something, but has nothing to say, he or she turns to coffee, bacon or craft beer.

The subject of coffee is usually limited to just how coffee is important to the writers sanity with phrase’s like, “don’t talk to me before I have my morning coffee or I will kill you!” Of course, it is done is a more joking way, but that bottom like is, that what they are saying. And, sadly, it is usually done in the form of a meem, so I can only conclude that coffee drinkers have no imagination or creativity.

Same thing can be said for posts that deal with bacon, except that bacon people will also post the meals that they are eating. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to look at someone else’s meal – EVER! But still, posting a meal picture, especially if you want the world to know how much you love bacon – because that means…something, is something people do if they have nothing to say.

You know if you have nothing to say….

But craft beers are different. Telling the world that you are constantly buying and drinking unusual brews seems to be the cool thing to so these days. I have my doubts that as many people really enjoy all these beers as much as they think they do. I could be wrong.

I am a craft beer guy and for a while I was always picking out a beer with a funny, strange name, one that I never tried before and why not? If I bring it to a party, it would give me something to talk about, and put me up on a pedestal, above all those poor souls that drink those domestic lager beers. “What, you drink bud? Ha, I’ve got this Propeller IPA from Nova Scotia, Canada.” And then you talk about the Aroma, hopes and malts in a way that you are sure to impress you friends, pretty much repeating the clichéd expressions that you heard, or read, somewhere before.

I know, I was one of those people. Can do it anymore. Not too long again I bought a unusual, local craft IPA and paid over $15 for a six pack . . . and it wasn’t all that good. I could buy Sam Adams Rebel IPA for about a half that and enjoy it a lot more.

Anyway, I’ve rambled off subject.

Look, I enjoy coffee, bacon and craft beer but as far as a subject for social media, it is worn out, tiresome, and the subject or a post when you don’t have any of real importance to say but feel the need to say something.

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Finding Bigfoot for 9 Years

I just saw a article that said the show Finding Bigfoot has been on for 9 years. These four souls have been wondering around in the forest, looking for a 8 foot tall beast and they can’t find it. Hey dudes, you are not looking for a spider or a rate, you are looking for a large harry beast. If you can’t find it by now, GIVE IT UP! Seriously dudes, Hey, why don’t you try to get a girlfriend or somethings. OK, I have to admit that I don’t know anything about this show, or these guys, so maybe they are happily married.

It just seems that after 9 years, well, you know. Could it be, just maybe, that there is no Bigfoot? Just saying.

To these four dudes, I say good lick. I have extreme doubts that there is no beast hiding in the woods called Bigfoot, but I hope if it is out there, you guys find it. Fame will be yours.

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