5 Common Mistakes When Brewing Coffee

I found this on the I Love Coffee.jp blog. THis is a wonderful blog with a lot of great Coffee information. And I love the way each blog post is designed like a cool poster. Check it out.

5 Common Mistakes When Brewing Coffee

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Things That Annoy Jeff Part 2

I like to watch the Science channel. But why, oh why, must they advertise there newest show at ever commercials break! Yes, I get it, the stupid show called Oddities will be having a stupid guy some in the some bizarre object. I get it! I”VE SEEN IT EVERY BREAK ALL WEEK LONG! And no, I don’t believe most of the crap I see on these show and I’m not going to watch it.

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Things That Annoy Jeff Part 1

I really hate those car commercials, I think they are for Fords, that look like bad Hollywood movie trailers. Anytime I hear the words “In a world that…” I want to vomit. Yes, spew my dinner all over myself.

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English Muffins for Breakfast

My wife has been having knee problems. Since she could barely walk, I offered to do the grocery shopping. I have grocery shopping. I went anyway.

While walking down the bread isle, I noticed Thomas’ English Muffins. You know, the ones with the Original “Nooks & Crannies”. I had not had English Muffins in a long time, so I bought a package. The idea seemed so good at the time.

What I found was a bit of a disappointment.

After trying to separate the two halves (which never seems to go smoothly), waiting for the toaster to do it’s thing and buttering the muffins as they are burning hot, I found that they really didn’t have enough substance to fill my belly in the morning.

I would guess the idea was to have your English Muffins with part of a larger breakfast but I am not a large breakfast guy.

Pop Tarts, here I come.

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Star Trek into Crapness

Waited for a while to write this review. I had such high hopes for this film, Star Trek into Darkness. I did like the first J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. Yeah, the plot, the “red matter” black hole things was silly and something out of a SyFy original movie, but the loved that fact that he seemed to cast the right people for the parts and kept the original spirit of the show.

Now comes this horrible sequel.

I could right for ever about the lack of logic or common sense this movie shows. Why was the Enterprise underwater? You can beam down from space. I thought that was the point. Arggg! The whole beginning bit was stupid, as was the rest of the movie.

I could go on and on about how this film was directed by a guy who didn’t like the original Star Trek, didn’t understand the original Star Trek and has ruined the spirit and idea of Star Trek.

Now I worry about Star Wars

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The Shingles Virus‎ is in Me

Hey I had Chickenpox when I was a young kid, probably about 5 or 6. And so, these ads keep reminding my that the Shingles virus is in me. What can I do? Are they telling me I can take preventive measures to keep from getting this nasty thing. NO! They just want me to know how horrible this virus is and that I might get it. Talk to my doctor, they say:

“Hey Doc, I had the Chickenpox when I was young”.
“Then I have the Shingles virus in me”.
“That’s correct”.
“Now what?”

“If feel the symptoms of the Shingles virus, come see me. Now pay the receptionist on your way out”.

I Don’t get the point of these ads?  Am I suppose to do something? Who is paying for these ads? A drug company? Big Pharma? Do wonder why drugs are so expensive. Try using this commercial time to give us some information we can use.

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Watching Cloverfield

As a type this, I am watching the 2008 film, Cloverfield. I am 28 minutes into it, The monster just attacked for the first time. Never watched this film before. Never wanted to. I view it this morning because there is nothing else to watch.

First of all, I HATE these found footage films. The first 18 minutes at the party were excruciating. awful. I found that I could care less about these characters and was hoping that a large monster would hurry up an kill them all so I didn’t have to watch them anymore. I mean, I’ve watch people’s home videos before and this was just as bad.

No one would film this shit. I gave the movie a pass until they were on the bridge and the camera man fell over with the camera in his hand.  As this point, the camera gets dropped and survival takes over.

When He films the dud that just watching his brother die? WTF?  No one would ever do that!

Help, this movie is a horrible piece of crap. How long is this?

I want to write more about the stupidity of the worthless movie but I keep losing concentration. I find myself watching the blinking light on my Internet router as that is more entertaining.

I think I’ll watch a classic Godzilla film. Much better! Ot ever an cheesy Gamera film.

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The Loungers, Girls 1964

The Loungers do a great rock and roll cover of this old classic and is great rocker that I found on youtube posted by someone called Glendoras. It’s a song that Ringo sand with the Beatles as Boys but these dudes did a good job of changing the lyrics to fit a male singer. Of course it was originally a The Shirelles‘ song. Check it out. This song might make an appearance on Coffee With Jeff.

The following is information from Gledoras YouTube Channel.

“Awesome frat rocker released on Beechwood in 1964! Killer guitar break!! It says it’s recorded at Arthur Smith Studios* in Charlotte, North Carolina. I asume the band hails from that area. “

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Birds of Lake County

Took my usual Sunday afternoon walk through one of Lake COunty, Illinois wonderful forest preserves. Took a lot of video. Here are a few screen shots of some of the birds we came across.

The last guy there, laying on the ground, was pretending to have an injured wing.  Every time we walked a bit closer, he would walk away, lay down and fake an injured wing.  He did this until we were far enough away from the nest, then he flew back.

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You are NOT a vampire!

I’m watching the Science Channel. They have a really stupid show that I never watch called Oddities. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s a small shop the buys and sells some really weird stuff. Just like Pawn Stars, I have no doubts that this stuff is real. But that is not what this post is about.

A commercial for an upcoming show has a young lady who thinks she is a Vampire and is looking to purchase blood. You see these silly people on TV all the time, people who claim to be Vampires.

Sorry, you people are NOT vampires. You do not need to drink blood. You will not live forever. You can not turn into a bat. I don’t know if you are crazy and just playing a game but you are NOT a Vampire.

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