Sleep, why do you mess with me?

Crap Crap CrapLet me sleep!Sleep, why do you mess with me? Recently I have been sleeping very well. I go to bed at 9pm (not because I am old, I’ve always gone to bed a 9pm – But I am old) and wake up at 4:30 or 5am. Then, out of nowhere, I find myself being wide-awake and 1 am. WIDE AWAKE! No chance of falling back a sleep. This goes on for days, or weeks! If I am lucky I get 4 hours of sleep a night. It might go on for a week or two and I begin to walk around like a zombie, and then, as quickly as my sleep problems began, they go away. I just went through a phase such as this but the last few nights I slept pretty well. I am writing this at around 3:30am but that is ok.

Boy Can't Sleep

I feel myself being full of anger lately and I don’t know why. Thinking I might try meditation.

Dogs have got to find a better way to express themselves. This walking up to me while I am relaxing on the couch and just staring, it could be anything. “I want to be petted”, “a walk please”, “I need to go to the bathroom”. And like an idiot, I ask. “What do you need? Do you need to out outside? Are you hungry? What do you want?” and they don’t respond in any way. They just keep stupidly looking at me, unblinking, without expression and I am just forced to guess.

Speaking of dogs, whenever I see a man walking one of the little Shih Tzu, or similar little rat of a dog, I think to myself, there is a man who’s wife makes all the decisions. “Yes, dear! No dear!” I could be wrong!

Am I the only one who is worried about a major solar flare! Seriously, I don’t think the average person understands what something like this might do to our world. And it happens! There was one in 1859. If that happened today, all out satellites would be floating pieces of junk.

Need to proofread! Not once, not twice, but at least three times! I’ve gone over my last few blogs and crap! PROOFREAD you idiot!

So, the wife and I are traveling south Sunday night to check out the eclipse. If I get some good picture, I’ll post them. It better not be cloudy out!

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Short Film Wednesday – The Gunfighter

This is a brilliant short film, directed by Eric Kissack and written by Kevin Tenglin. It made me laugh. Of course it’s got over 3 million views on YouTube, so I guess I’m not the first one to notice, right? That narrator is Nick Offerman and it stars Scott Beehner, Shawn Parsons, Brace Harris, Eileen O’Connell, Jordan Black, Timothy Brennen, Travis Lincoln Cox, Schoen Hodges, Circus-Szalewski, Chet Nelson and Keith Biondi.

Know of a short film I should watch? Let me know at

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Guitar Tuesday – The Godfather Theme

So for this weeks song, I wanted to try something different, something that would use for picking than strumming, so I found this YouTube tutorial on playing The Godfather Theme, which, I hear is actually called Speak Softly Love. This is from TCDG Guitar Lessons!

If you’ve got a good idea for a tune Jeff should learn in his acoustic guitar, please let me know. Leave a comment below!

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Music Monday – Lower Slaughter

Here is a hard driving pink rock tune from a band called Lower Slaughter! This is the latest song Bone Meal. They  are a 4-piece band from Brighton. Visit their Facebook Page!


Come back next Monday for more new, independent music!

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“Someone Died Over There”, the boy said.

It’s Friday and therefore it is time for my ramblings.

A True Story



I was walking my dogs over the weekend; I think it was in Saturday. I was taking them around the neighborhood rather than through the woods as I usually do, due to the mosquitoes. Anyway, I took them to Centennial Park. Centennial Park is one of those places with picnic tables, park benches, swings and such for the kids, and lots of grass. Anyway, as I walked towards the playground area, two young boys, probably of 7 or 8 years of age, came from the playground area. They were walking a German Shepard who was almost a big as them.

I said “Hi.”

One of the boys said, “Someone died over there.” He pointed to a young, small tree behind a small hill.

“Someone died?” I questioned? I began to get visions of a body lying on the ground, an old man or women who collapse while feeding the birds.

“Yeah, someone died, right there? ” Both boys were now pointing.

I began to follow them and it was only a matter of a few steps before I realized what they were talking about. The tree the two boys were pointing at has a plaque in front of it. It was dedicated to someone who had passed away. The park is filled with those. It seems every tree and bench is dedicated to someone.

I took a few moments to explain that it did not mean someone die in that spot, the tree was just a tribute to someone who was gone and missed. I don’t know if they understood.

I saw them again about fifteen minutes later and it appeared the dog was taking them for a walk.




OK, I need to get this off my chest! Yes, I am going back a few years, back to the early 90s, but it is been on my find for 25 years and it is about time I said something, Listen and The Homerlisten good! Hey Herb Power, it is not Homer’s fault your car company went belly up! It was your own damn fault. What kind of a moron puts a guy like Homer in charge of designing a new car and doesn’t even check up one him. AND HERB, you own employees tried to tell you he was screwing up but did you listen? No, you were too busy enjoying Homers family (the family you are too much of a clown to get on your own).

It makes my physically sick to see Herb tell him he forgives him at the end of his second appearance on the show. Freakin’ Herb should be apologizing to Homer for putting Homer in the position. Seriously, does Homer Simpson look like the kind of person who should be designing an automobile?

I feel better.

Jeff On Nature



There was a video that someone reposted on Facebook the other day. It was of a large bird, like a crane, walking through a field. Suddenly the head of the beast quickly goes to the ground and pops back up with mole or shrew or mouse or something. It flies away with the little rodent in it beak, ready for a meal. Someone posted, “isn’t nature beautiful?”

I said, “not if you are the shrew”.

Nature is a cruel, violent place. Every animal is looking to eat other animals. They only care about themselves, selfish bastards. I once saw a eagle grab a fish out the Mississippi River. Think about it, that fish was just minding it’s own business, swimming through the cold waters of the United States biggest river when the huge claws of a Bald Eagle grabbed him. Suddenly the fish his up in the sky, suffocating! If it could think, it would be saying WTF! Does that eagle even think about the fish for a second. Hell no! And now that I think about it, that fish probably just ate another fish, so screw him as well.

And when birds sing their morning songs that everyone finds so beautiful, the are not singing but crying out for sex. It might sound wonderful, but it is really a desperate plea.

A Coyote can run over 40 MPH, while a Roadrunners speed in only 29 mph. So what’s the deal with the cartoon?

I’ve been having trouble sleeping again, but why do you care?
A Stripper

I wonder what ever came of this girl. It’s from a short film I found on, She get naked

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Short Film Wednesday – Extinguished

Here is a short film that I came across on YouTube. It si called Extinguished and it is by Ashley Anderson and Jacob Mann at Ringling College of Art and Design. It is a CGI Animated Short that I found very entertaining. It is a brisk 4 minutes, which is perfect for a film such as this. Give it a watch.

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Guitar Tuesday

For my song of the week I decided to learn David Bowie’s Space Oddity. OK, I know it is an easy one, but this has been a very busy week, so I went for something easy. I started with Marty Music’s YouTube video.

After that I found some tablature over at

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my fingering exercises. Need to get back into that this week.

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Music Monday – Ugly Sun

Here is a band from Buffalo, NY called Ugly Sun called Burned Alive. They consider themselves garage rock. It is an interesting song, you should give it a listen

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What a selfish worm am I, right?

Jeff KelleyThis is a true story. It is a little like a Seinfeld episode. I was at Greekfest with my wife, my daughter, and her boyfriend, James. At one point, James and I went to get a few beers. He started to take out his cash but I said, “No, I’ve got it.” He asked, “Are you sure?” “Yep”, I replied. So James offered to get the tip and threw a couple of dollars into the tip jar. Now, the man getting the beers back was turned to us, so when I paid for our beverages he looked at me, and to him, it appeared that I didn’t tip. It is not that I wanted credit for tipping, I just don’t like the fact that this man thought I was some sort of cheapskate. I do hate when the bartender doesn’t see me tip.

On Independent Arts

These Girls are FoolsOver the last 20 years the world has entered a new age in independent arts.

When I was a young man I played in a rock and roll band. We were just a totally unremarkable cover band. However, I knew a few bands with some talent. They would right original some and paid a fortune to have demo tapes made. I would often get copied of these demos on cassette tape. And you know what? They all sounded horrible. Not that the bands music was horrible, but the quality of the recording was bad. And they paid hundreds of dollars to have it made.

That all changed with personal computing. These days, any band can get a very good recording for very little money. The same goes for filmmaking. No longer do you have to have a major studio give you a million dollars to bring you vision to the screen. These days a simple smart phone and a few actors is all you need. All types are art that use to require huge financing can down be done at home at your Mac or PC.

These Girls are FoolsThe internet is filled with lots of wonderful independently produced entertainment, and, yes, a lot of crap as well). Yet, the masses still flick to see the latest Marvel superhero film, or download the latest Lady Gaga song. (to be honest, I didn’t even know ho Gaga was until I saw the Superbowl). Famous Musicians today charge $150, $200, $300 to see them play in huge arenas! Come on now, they’re plenty of independent bands that are just as good that charge a small fraction of what the big bands charge and who really need your support.

Hey let’s spend the day binge watching Game of Thrones! Why not! Poor HBO, they need every cent!

Support he independent arts. If you come across something that is worth posting here, let me know. Email me at

The only true art is independent art!

These Girls are Fools

A Still from These Girls Are Fools.

These Girls Are Fools in a 1950 Hollywood Exploitation Short, and Independent Film, about the dangers of working as a nude model. It is also called Hell Is a Place Called Hollywood. You can watch it by clicking here. And for the record, I used this in a The tongue-in-cheek way.

On Problems

Well, the cables down as I right this. It is weird how much I depend on having internet access. What is weirder is how much this is a first world problem. I mean, hear I am all depressed because I can’t work on a few things because I can get to the World Wide Web, meanwhile there are people suffering real problems like starvation, war, injustice and all that. What a selfish worm am I, right?

Got to go. I got better things to do than talk to you!

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Guitar Tuesday

So, I am a guitarist. Or I should say, I play guitar. There is a difference. In an effort to become better, I am doing two things. First, I am learning one new song a week. I don’t care if it is easy or hard. In fact, many of you who are guitarist will probably find everything I learn as simple, but for me, not so much.

This week : Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty

I am also trying to find lessons on-line. You know, the kind of lessons I don’t have to pay for! Right now I am working on t his one from Acoustic Guitar magazine. It is called Video Lesson: Discover Your Own Fingerstyle Voice on Guitar by Jamie Stillway.

If I get this down, I may post some audio later of me playing.

I am always looking for good exercises for becoming a better guitar player. If you’ve got an idea of what I should be doing, let me know. I’ll be your friend for life.

You can email me at

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