Nothing to do with Donald Trump

As Cheech Marin once said, “Responsibility is a heavy responsibility, man.”

The Elgin Dead LogoAnd so it goes. I’ve been away. I’ve had a few big things going on in my life. The first was the short film I posted earlier this week called, The Elgin Dead. I am really proud of this. We filmed the whole thing in four days and it was edited in a week. We also spent two evenings doing ADR work. About a third of the film’s audio was re-recorded due to extremely high winds. Every person that helped with this production was fantastic.

And now I am going to mention Donald Trump. Not for any political reason but just to be topical.

Why do people pay so much for coffee these days? Trust me people, it isn’t worth the extra dollars. You only do it to be cool.

Werewolf In A Girl's DormitoryAnyway, now that I am done with my latest short, I am working on a new one. I am thinking a werewolf who meets zombies. Yes, it will be another comic/horror film. Donald Trump will not be in my film. The two main characters in the film will be Finley and Simone. Finley is the werewolf and Simone is the psychiatrist who tries to help him. It will be funny, I hope.

If you have not watched my film, please do so. I think you’ll laugh once or twice.

Dementia 13Right now I am watching Dementia 13, Francis Ford Coppola’s first feature film. Very low budget film he made for Roger Corman. Actually, I have read that he was helping Corman with another film and asked if he could use the cameras and sets on the weekend to make his own movie, and Corman said yes. It is being remade but these days, what isn’t being remade, or rebooted. Am I right folks? As far as I know, Donald Trump will not be in the new version of Dementia 13.

Well, thanks for coming by. I’ll be here next Friday.

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