What is Facebook? I mean, I know what is it, but what is it?

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What is Facebook? I mean, I know what is it, but what is it?

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I have some great friends and some great family, many of whom I keep in touch with through Facebook. That was why I first created an account all those years ago. That was the only reason I joined Facebook. I didn’t get onto Facebook to hear political or religious view. The thing is, I don’t think you should post things on Facebook that you wouldn’t say around a dinner table with your friends and family, and I know many of those that constantly post their one-sided views wouldn’t say those things if they were having a meal with those same people they are talking to on the internet. Hiding behind a keyboard that makes you feel safe, and that is not right.

Another group of people post their health problems. First of all, I am sorry to anyone who had serious health issues but, honestly, do I need to read about it? On the other hand, if it help them coup with what they are going through, than I say, keep posting. I will rarely reply. Maybe I’ll give you a crying emoticon, maybe I won’t. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel for you.

I don’t need to hear about what you are doing, or what you are eating, unless it is something special. Having breakfast at Dennys, wow, thanks for sharing… I’ll never say. Now, if you are at Gino’s East celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, I’m glad you shared.

Poker Talk



I have not been doing well at poker lately. I mean, the cards I have been being dealt are just awful. I think it three hours Tuesday night; I played three or four hands. I mean, it is Texas Hold’em, and every hand is like 9-2, or jack-3. SUCK! I think if it goes the same way this Tuesday, I’ll bluff a little. It is hard with our group, as we’ve got some very inexperienced players who don’t have enough sense to fold, you know.

pokerSo, after a whole night of folding, folding and more folding, I was down to under 100 chips with the blinds at 10-20. I was dealt a pair of nines with all the players before me folding and only two players after me, the small and big blind. I pushed it all in. I got called by king-six off-suit. See what I mean! But, surprisingly, my nines held up. Four of five hands later, I had ace-5 on the big blind. The table was five handed at the time. The flop was Jack-Queen-Ace with two clubs. Since no one raised pre-flop, I thought my ace might be good, and I needed another double up, so I went all in. I was hoping a straight draw would call, and miss. At this point, I was willing to take that risk. Everyone folded until the last guy (a good player) called. He had 10-king, so he flopped the straight. There were two clubs on the board and he didn’t have a club, and I did (my 5), and the turn was a club, so I had outs going to the river, but missed. Oh well, another night coming home with extra money.

What I am Watching



Been watching BoJack Horseman, from the beginning. All 4 seasons.

Crap Crap Crap



Art is everything and art is nothing. You are everything and you are nothing. It is all perspective. With the size of the know universe, billions of stars, billions of galaxies, statistically, you don’t exsist. To another speck of creation that to share life with, you are huge, you are everything, you are what make life worth living.

Once in a while I listen to the radio but not all that much. Why? Commercials. I hate radio commercials. They are all bad but the worse ones are those that attempt to be funny. They rarely are. If, be chance, they are a bit amusing, by they time you have heard it one hundred times, it is not so funny anymore. I have actually turned off the radio because of an advertisement that I can’t stand to hear.

When in the car, I still use an iPod. I got 40 years of my music collection of there along with some great podcasts and a few audio books.

Did you know that there in no Lost City of Atlantis? STOP LOOKING FOR IT! It has ever existed – NEVER! It was something Plato made up as part of a morality tale. Looking for Atlantis now is like people 200 years from now looking for the evil Death Star from Star Wars.

When Plato talked about Atlantis, he said he heard it, as child, from his Grandfather. Who heard of from Athenian statesman Solon, who lived 300 years before Plato? And he said he heard it from an Egyptian priest who said it happened 9,000 years before that. Most of what you hear about Atlantis comes from Edgar Cayce.

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