Grow Old or Watch Everyone Die

The Walker and the Snake



A Lady and her snakeHe was as a man who had no right to call himself lonely. The sound of each footstep he took as he walked through the desert filled him with a peacefulness, like a form of mediation. The other sounds, like wolves and the wind, didn’t exist when he was on was of his morning treks.

The snake changed that. The kind of beast he saw was a type he didn’t know but he knew it was poisonous. Very Poisonous! Yet he wanted to touch it, to pet it, to make friends with it. That, of course, was not possible. “Why,” he mumbled to himself. He gazed at the creature. You survive by assuming I am your enemy. You bit first and never worry about who you bit. Nothing I say can change that.

The snake began to slide away. The old man just watched.

Winter is Coming



Winter_2Leafs in the yard, the first signs of the upcoming winter. I don’t mind the winter, the cold, the wind, the snow and all the rest, not so much. Others so. That is the part I hate about winter, the bitching about winter. I know people who spend so much of my time telling me how much they hate the winter. Why the fuck to you live in the Midwest if the yearly cold makes you cry like a selfish child he is forced to eat vegetables. Deal with the season like an adult or move south. An adult can chose have spinach or not.

The thing about winter, it makes the spring so much better. How can one really enjoy the warm breeze without making it way through January in Chicago.

And winter isn’t so bad, really. Not at all. No yard work in winter, just the occasional shoveling. And there is something wonderful about shoveling. Good exercise, yet, but more that that. The feeling of getting back inside the house, feeling the heat on your skin, slowly stripping off the cold, wet layers. Coffee never tasted so delicious as it does after shoveling on a cold day. And the pride in seeing you driveway totally clear!

2001: A Space Odyssey is a fantastic film. There, I’ve said it.

Rock and Roll Flashback



I am going to see to bands from my past tomorrow Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult at the Walworth County Fairgrounds. I saw both of these bands back in the late 70s and earlier 80s. Both were headliners and sold out big halls. Now I see them both at a county fair for five dollars. Maybe I will post some picture next week.




I came to a realization today. You have two choices in life, grow old, or watch those around you die. I think of my wife and me. In many ways, I would like to go first because I don’t know if I can handle her going before me. Yet, then I leave her all alone. Damn, that sucks. What about my brothers and sister. Do I have to deal with their death? Not if I go first. One of the five of use will have to deal with the death of the other four. Damn, that sucks.

Now you’ve got e depressed. Thanks! Bye!

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