Sleep, why do you mess with me?

Crap Crap CrapLet me sleep!Sleep, why do you mess with me? Recently I have been sleeping very well. I go to bed at 9pm (not because I am old, I’ve always gone to bed a 9pm – But I am old) and wake up at 4:30 or 5am. Then, out of nowhere, I find myself being wide-awake and 1 am. WIDE AWAKE! No chance of falling back a sleep. This goes on for days, or weeks! If I am lucky I get 4 hours of sleep a night. It might go on for a week or two and I begin to walk around like a zombie, and then, as quickly as my sleep problems began, they go away. I just went through a phase such as this but the last few nights I slept pretty well. I am writing this at around 3:30am but that is ok.

Boy Can't Sleep

I feel myself being full of anger lately and I don’t know why. Thinking I might try meditation.

Dogs have got to find a better way to express themselves. This walking up to me while I am relaxing on the couch and just staring, it could be anything. “I want to be petted”, “a walk please”, “I need to go to the bathroom”. And like an idiot, I ask. “What do you need? Do you need to out outside? Are you hungry? What do you want?” and they don’t respond in any way. They just keep stupidly looking at me, unblinking, without expression and I am just forced to guess.

Speaking of dogs, whenever I see a man walking one of the little Shih Tzu, or similar little rat of a dog, I think to myself, there is a man who’s wife makes all the decisions. “Yes, dear! No dear!” I could be wrong!

Am I the only one who is worried about a major solar flare! Seriously, I don’t think the average person understands what something like this might do to our world. And it happens! There was one in 1859. If that happened today, all out satellites would be floating pieces of junk.

Need to proofread! Not once, not twice, but at least three times! I’ve gone over my last few blogs and crap! PROOFREAD you idiot!

So, the wife and I are traveling south Sunday night to check out the eclipse. If I get some good picture, I’ll post them. It better not be cloudy out!

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