What a selfish worm am I, right?

Jeff KelleyThis is a true story. It is a little like a Seinfeld episode. I was at Greekfest with my wife, my daughter, and her boyfriend, James. At one point, James and I went to get a few beers. He started to take out his cash but I said, “No, I’ve got it.” He asked, “Are you sure?” “Yep”, I replied. So James offered to get the tip and threw a couple of dollars into the tip jar. Now, the man getting the beers back was turned to us, so when I paid for our beverages he looked at me, and to him, it appeared that I didn’t tip. It is not that I wanted credit for tipping, I just don’t like the fact that this man thought I was some sort of cheapskate. I do hate when the bartender doesn’t see me tip.

On Independent Arts

These Girls are FoolsOver the last 20 years the world has entered a new age in independent arts.

When I was a young man I played in a rock and roll band. We were just a totally unremarkable cover band. However, I knew a few bands with some talent. They would right original some and paid a fortune to have demo tapes made. I would often get copied of these demos on cassette tape. And you know what? They all sounded horrible. Not that the bands music was horrible, but the quality of the recording was bad. And they paid hundreds of dollars to have it made.

That all changed with personal computing. These days, any band can get a very good recording for very little money. The same goes for filmmaking. No longer do you have to have a major studio give you a million dollars to bring you vision to the screen. These days a simple smart phone and a few actors is all you need. All types are art that use to require huge financing can down be done at home at your Mac or PC.

These Girls are FoolsThe internet is filled with lots of wonderful independently produced entertainment, and, yes, a lot of crap as well). Yet, the masses still flick to see the latest Marvel superhero film, or download the latest Lady Gaga song. (to be honest, I didn’t even know ho Gaga was until I saw the Superbowl). Famous Musicians today charge $150, $200, $300 to see them play in huge arenas! Come on now, they’re plenty of independent bands that are just as good that charge a small fraction of what the big bands charge and who really need your support.

Hey let’s spend the day binge watching Game of Thrones! Why not! Poor HBO, they need every cent!

Support he independent arts. If you come across something that is worth posting here, let me know. Email me at coffeewithjeff@gmail.com.

The only true art is independent art!

These Girls are Fools

A Still from These Girls Are Fools.

These Girls Are Fools in a 1950 Hollywood Exploitation Short, and Independent Film, about the dangers of working as a nude model. It is also called Hell Is a Place Called Hollywood. You can watch it by clicking here. And for the record, I used this in a The tongue-in-cheek way.

On Problems

Well, the cables down as I right this. It is weird how much I depend on having internet access. What is weirder is how much this is a first world problem. I mean, hear I am all depressed because I can’t work on a few things because I can get to the World Wide Web, meanwhile there are people suffering real problems like starvation, war, injustice and all that. What a selfish worm am I, right?

Got to go. I got better things to do than talk to you!

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