Guitar Tuesday

So, I am a guitarist. Or I should say, I play guitar. There is a difference. In an effort to become better, I am doing two things. First, I am learning one new song a week. I don’t care if it is easy or hard. In fact, many of you who are guitarist will probably find everything I learn as simple, but for me, not so much.

This week : Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty

I am also trying to find lessons on-line. You know, the kind of lessons I don’t have to pay for! Right now I am working on t his one from Acoustic Guitar magazine. It is called Video Lesson: Discover Your Own Fingerstyle Voice on Guitar by Jamie Stillway.

If I get this down, I may post some audio later of me playing.

I am always looking for good exercises for becoming a better guitar player. If you’ve got an idea of what I should be doing, let me know. I’ll be your friend for life.

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