Tostitos and Cheez-Its are fantastic

Coffee with JeffIt has not been a good week. I can’t explain it. It is one of those weeks that a strange feeling of depression sits in my soul like the sludge in a car’s oil pan. I just keep moving forward. It will pass. By the end of the week, I started felling a little better about myself.

Roads are sill closed here in the northern part of Illinois after the rains of last week. So many people lost so much. The important part is no one, as far as I know, was hurt or killed. I do know a few people who lost so much because of flooding.


You know, I wish I would stop hearing about what Dark Matter might be, and just tell me what it actually is once you figure it out. In fact, that goes for a cure for cancer and new battery technology. Stop saying, “we might be onto the answer, but it is five to ten years away” and just tell me what you’ve actually got it.

Sunday’s podcast will be on the famous Flatwoods monster. For the record, I don’t believe in this mythical beast, but there are many who do.


Is there any better snack food that Tostitos? I hope they are healthy because I eat a crap load of them. The best is when you get a real salty one, you know. What is also excellent is Cheez-It! Cheez-It’s are fantastic when you are driving and having trouble staying awake. I once drove from the Black Hills in South Dakota all night to get home to northern Illinois. Cheez-It kept me awake. I hope Cheez-It are healthy as well. And no, I am not going to research these amazing foods. AS long as I think they are healthy, they are.


The other day I went out with a group of people from work and had lunch. My boss picked up the bill. I had a FREE lunch. Yeah, genius, don’t tell me there is no such thing as a free lunch; I had one.


The smell of the old west

Think of the smell!

I’m thinking about the old west. It seems every film about the old west I see has a dirty saloon. You know, a long wooden bar, usually with a mirror behind it, little wooden tables with poker being played, and maybe a player piano. These saloons are a staple of films about the old west. My first thought was, did these places really exist? I wonder! But more importantly, if they were a real part of every western town, how bad did they smell? Really! It must have been awful. Think about it, cowboys, fur trappers, lumberjacks, miners, gamblers, and others, men who probably haven’t showered in weeks or months crowded in a little wooden structure with no real ventilation, drinking cheap booze.

And that is another thing, what did they drink? In the westerns, it was beer of whiskey. Whiskey maybe, but beer, with a beautiful golden color and thick frosty head, I don’t think so! First of all, they had no refrigeration. So, if they had beer, it was warm. Second, beer making was not what it is today. The might golden beer that Bud and Miller sell didn’t happen to after prohibition. I read somewhere that they made beer from anything they could find and hopes were not something they heard of.

Well, I’ve got to go. Can’t sit here all day typing the day away,

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