You Should Watch because I’m a Genius

It is Sunday morning and I am watching a great movie, Bowfinger, and publishing my latest Vlog on YouTube. I was wondering why last weeks Vlog, which is probably one of the best Vlogs ever posted to the Internet, only received 9 views. For a moment I was a little down on myself. But then I began to thing, “What I am doing is just too good for the general public!”

When I think about it, Citizen Kane was a box office flop and now it is considered one of the best, if not one of the best movie, ever made. So it is only a matter of time before people realize how much of a genius I am. Funny thing here, I just spelled “Genius” wrong and didn’t realize it until I did a spell check. Maybe I am not the . . . No, screw it, don’t doubt myself, I am the man!

Let me ask you a question, are you one of those people who don’t see genius, one of the dirty, uneducated, unwashed, low lifes that live under a bridge in a card board box, or do understand that I am better than most and am making Vlogs that will change the world. If so, look to your left and you will see button than reads “THE VIDEO”. Click on that to see my latest vlog.

Or click on the small sign below and you will be magically transported to my YouTube channel were you will see some amazing things.

Visit my page

Anyway, whether you watch of not, I appreciate you reading this and . . . Oh, screw that, if you don’t watch my work you are no friend of mine. Do you want to be my friend? Watch my video.

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