The History of Film 01 – G. A. Smith

In 1903 that G. A. Smith did something that would change filmmaking forever! In his film called Sick Kitten, he did something unexpected. Smith wanted to the audience to see the cat eating its medicine, so he did something that most filmmakers at the time thought would confuse an audience, he cut to a different shot, a close up. This was different to what he had done in the past. There was no telescope point of view, just a cut to a close up to show more detail of the same action. This is a huge change to the way films were being done. It was slowly being realized that films were not theater, and viewpoints in film could vary to give a clearer image or message to the audience. In this situation, Smith wanted to show a more detailed shot of the cat getting its medicine, but soon filmmakers would realize they can vary shots and angles for all different reason.

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