A Word from Jeff

The year is coming to an end and we at Coffee With Jeff thank all those that support the show. Your emails and messages on Facebook and Twitter are always a great thrill to read. And we actually sold a mug this year! Wow!

This is just a reminder that all the video work and podcasts are available for your viewing by clicking on the tabs on the right of this page.

Yesterday I published the last podcast episode for the year. I will be back in January with all new shows. I was really happy with my last show of the year in which I did three separate stories of the different toys from my childhood, Silly Putty, The Magic 8-Ball, and the Slinky. All three, I thought, have interesting stories. The thing is, I could really see the show going more of that direction in the future, a few short stories, rather than a long one.

And I am hoping to do better in 2017 with our video work. I love working with video and really hope to improve the entertainment value in these videos. For all of you have not been to my YouTube Channel, please do so. I would be forever grateful.

Thanks again for a fantastic year, and I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday

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