Coffee, Bacon and Craft Beer

I’ve noticed a trend in social media. When a person wants to write something, but has nothing to say, he or she turns to coffee, bacon or craft beer.

The subject of coffee is usually limited to just how coffee is important to the writers sanity with phrase’s like, “don’t talk to me before I have my morning coffee or I will kill you!” Of course, it is done is a more joking way, but that bottom like is, that what they are saying. And, sadly, it is usually done in the form of a meem, so I can only conclude that coffee drinkers have no imagination or creativity.

Same thing can be said for posts that deal with bacon, except that bacon people will also post the meals that they are eating. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to look at someone else’s meal – EVER! But still, posting a meal picture, especially if you want the world to know how much you love bacon – because that means…something, is something people do if they have nothing to say.

You know if you have nothing to say….

But craft beers are different. Telling the world that you are constantly buying and drinking unusual brews seems to be the cool thing to so these days. I have my doubts that as many people really enjoy all these beers as much as they think they do. I could be wrong.

I am a craft beer guy and for a while I was always picking out a beer with a funny, strange name, one that I never tried before and why not? If I bring it to a party, it would give me something to talk about, and put me up on a pedestal, above all those poor souls that drink those domestic lager beers. “What, you drink bud? Ha, I’ve got this Propeller IPA from Nova Scotia, Canada.” And then you talk about the Aroma, hopes and malts in a way that you are sure to impress you friends, pretty much repeating the clichéd expressions that you heard, or read, somewhere before.

I know, I was one of those people. Can do it anymore. Not too long again I bought a unusual, local craft IPA and paid over $15 for a six pack . . . and it wasn’t all that good. I could buy Sam Adams Rebel IPA for about a half that and enjoy it a lot more.

Anyway, I’ve rambled off subject.

Look, I enjoy coffee, bacon and craft beer but as far as a subject for social media, it is worn out, tiresome, and the subject or a post when you don’t have any of real importance to say but feel the need to say something.

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