Just like Starting Over

So I took two weeks off to complete Zombie Grandma, not the podcast listenership has dropped considerably. I mean really dropped! Oh well.

Next week on CWJ, I am going to tell my experiences on doing a project such as Zombie Grandma. I will say now that one of the best parts of doing something like this is meeting the people. Russell Hoke, Laurie Faith Gibson, Kaylee Hofman, Ben Groth, Logan Neuschaefer, Alice Moring, Amanda Moody, Rachel Bard, Jeremy Bilger, Calli Bilger, Elizabeth Haney and many more. Working with these folks couldn’t have been more fun.

I can only hope I get a chance to do something like this again.

If you have not seen Zombie Grandma, I am posting episodes on the video section of this blog. One every week

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