The Shingles Virus‎ is in Me

Hey I had Chickenpox when I was a young kid, probably about 5 or 6. And so, these ads keep reminding my that the Shingles virus is in me. What can I do? Are they telling me I can take preventive measures to keep from getting this nasty thing. NO! They just want me to know how horrible this virus is and that I might get it. Talk to my doctor, they say:

“Hey Doc, I had the Chickenpox when I was young”.
“Then I have the Shingles virus in me”.
“That’s correct”.
“Now what?”

“If feel the symptoms of the Shingles virus, come see me. Now pay the receptionist on your way out”.

I Don’t get the point of these ads?  Am I suppose to do something? Who is paying for these ads? A drug company? Big Pharma? Do wonder why drugs are so expensive. Try using this commercial time to give us some information we can use.

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