Baked Cheetos are Awful

Late in the day at work, I often make my way to the vending machines in the company cafeteria. Lately I’ve got in the habit of purchasing a back of Crunchy Cheetos. Not everyday, but at least 2 or 3 times a week I head down and grab a bag.

Last week I entered the cafeteria and already was already puling out a dollar from my wallet when I was filled will horror. My Crunchy Cheetos have been replaced with Baked Crunchy Cheetos. In fact, as I looked at the other chips in the machine, all were backed. I walked away with no purchase.

Yesterday I really had a taste for Crunchy Cheetos so I did what I had said I would never do. I purchased a bag of these Cheetos. All my worse fears were realized. They were awful.

So disgusting were these that I didn’t even finished the bag. Yuck! Who had the bright idea is it to convert junk food into something healthy. We call is just food for a reason! We want junk food… or at least I do.

I really hope the damn vending machine man goes broke.

I have noticed that, besides the one bag I bought, they don’t seem to be selling.

I repeat, I really hope the damn vending machine man goes broke. He gets no more of my money!

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